Thursday, October 10, 2013

Furniture Redo: TV Cabinet (Part 1)

Last Sunday, my hubby and I decided to give a new life to our inexpensive old TV cabinet (if it could be named like that). Well, I bought it for Rp100.000 more than four years ago, and I bet it’s made from second grade material. Surprisingly it has a long life, and I wonder to see it without any serious damage.

Meanwhile, I concerned about its not-so-good appearance. I thought that giving new life to that poor low-end TV cabinet, was such a good idea.

We planned to give it new color, a brighter one, so that it would be look younger.  Since we’re newbie on furniture redo, we chose to started it with a neutral color like white, and Dulux V-Glossy in White doff was our choice.


We started to paint the cabinet, and it takes a few times. Thanks to the sponge brush. It's great to finish this job (we used it to apply the second layer of this painting project). It brought a smoother effect to the surface, and even did it faster.

Though we didn't finished it yet, the cabinet has a better looking now, that it looks a little fresher. To accomplish this project, I think it'll be great if we attach something patterny on the tray, in order to make it a little bit prettier.

So, this is the comparison, 

We are so excited to finish this redo project, and I can't wait to share the finished project. Yippie!

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